You cannot learn to do Muay Thai from a book - you learn to do Muay Thai at the gym.thai boxer demonstrating jump knee - kao loi

You must physically practice the moves, then practice some more, then practice again.

It is to be hoped that you are training with an experienced coach and if so, he will be able to teach you the techniques in this book.  In particular, he will be able to show where you are going wrong, something a book can never do.  

However, Muay Thai is a living, evolving sport and each coach will have his own style and priorities - the techniques as demonstrated in this book are those practiced by current stadium champions in Bangkok, Thailand.  While they may differ from what your coach shows you, these training techniques are bringing top level success.

This book helps your gym training by organising techniques and giving you a reference point to judge your Muay Thai progress. 

When you get home from your training session, go through the book and find the techniques you just covered.  Write in your notes while the memory is still fresh.  

Before long, you will have built for yourself your very own personalised manual which will be of immense help to you as you progress in your own Muay Thai journey.   



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