chawa sad hoe

You will be able to dip into the book and find inspiration for your Muay Thai classes, sometimes revisiting a forgotten padwork drill, sometimes just reaffirming that you are doing things right.

This is not a book of advanced techniques or secret, magical moves.  It is a collection of around 150 solid training drills which we hope you are already well aware of.

The book demonstrates these training drills by use of multiple image sequences, with attention paid to all important foot position and guard. 

Muay Thai is a living, evolving sport and so inevitably old moves may be superseded by new ones. Improvement means change, yet as a coach, you have a responsibility both to your student's success and also to the traditions of Muay Thai, preserving its heritage and unique identity in the world of martial arts.

You will be able to use this book to crystallise your thoughts on each of the techniques - what works, what doesn't and why.  

Such attention can only be of benefit to your students and while you may not agree with all of the techniques, or maybe you have a different take on them, the drills in the book are practiced by real stadium champions in Bangkok, Thailand.  These are the training techniques that are bringing success.

By supplementing with your own, coaches notes, you can use the book as a working record of techniques covered, as a reference for grading or as a simple memory aid for Thai names 

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