muay thai clinch

If you are interested in the martial arts in general, or especially if you practice MMA, this book is for you.   

It will show you how Muay Thai power is generated through genuine, undiluted training routines, as used by current Muay Thai champions in Bangkok, Thailand.  

While you may adapt the techniques to suit your own requirements, by training using the methods illustrated in this book you will gain a proper grounding in Muay Thai, direct from the source. 

The reasons why you should own this book are many;

  • Develop power in your elbow strikes.
  • Perfect your Thai round kick.
  • Discover how to deliver Thai power with your knees.
  • Improve your control in the clinch.

As a practical, easy to follow guide to genuine Muay Thai training, as practiced by the world's best, this book cannot be beaten.  

All the techniques are displayed in logical photo sequences so you can see where the feet go, how the balance moves and how to a retain a guard as you attack.   


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